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I’m Karin.

A photographer bringing 25+ years of experience to your table.

Dedicated to teaching you how to capture your wonderful world in expressive photography using ANY camera.

Because honestly…..? It’s not about the camera.

It’s about YOU!

"Karin has a playful approach and a warm personality that gives you all the space you need to get to know your own camera. And you learn how to put your own perspective into the image. I would recommend her as a teacher to everyone that's willing to really know what photos are about."

– Fleur

"Your course is really good and a lot of fun!"

– Ronja

"Once again thank you for your knowledgeable insight into the world of photography!"

– Jeannette

" I liked your examples, and I loved the sense of passion for your chosen job, which was tangible through your spoken comments, choices and text. All modules were good, well paced, short yet sufficient and enlightening."

– Claudia

"Thank you very much, Karin! I've learned a lot. Some days were quite a challenge, but it taught me to keep going and keep looking for better ways to get the best picture in the end!"

– Emma

"Karin is a great and professional photographer. Highly recommendable!"

– Iris

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7 Reasons Why your Smartphone is The Most Remarkable Camera.

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“Photography Is A Love Affair With Life.”

– Burk Uzzle